Polokom keeps all kinds of brand and model products in stock in professional sound systems. Our company, which incorporates internationally recognized product brands, also carries out turnkey installation and training by making product sales and special sound projects.

TV channel, sound systems, Ob-Van, live broadcast car sound systems, Ku-Band live broadcast car sound systems, Ka-band broadcast car sound systems, radio channel sound systems, conference rooms, music recording studios, dubbing recording studios, cinema sound systems, theater sound systems, cafe-bar sound systems, series cinema sets sound systems, emergency announcement systems, chairman delegate systems, simultaneous systems, intercom systems. Our company; analog audio mixers, digital audio mixers, radio on-air audio mixers, power amplifier mixers, active broadcast audio monitors passive audio monitors power amplifiers, ceiling speakers, line array höparlor, studio reference monitors, active-passive subwoofer, wired-wireless handheld microphones , wired wireless instrument microphones, vocal and singing microphones, wireless hand and collar micron, usb microphones radio on-air microphone, shotgun microphones, on-camera hand and collar micron, microphone pre-amplifiers, microphone accessories, wired headsets, wireless
headphones, broadcast headphones, external usb sound cards, PCI Express sound cards, Madi-Dante sound cards, Madi-Dante stageboxes, studio stage processors, effect processors, sound recording and reader devices, Klotz, Ivox, Lookab, Draka audio cables, 4 ‘ multi, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 and multicore audio cables and all kinds of connectors, stage boxes, microphone stands provides sales and technical support for devices such as acrobat microphone stands, music stands, girth stands, sound acoustic panels, DJ products.

Our company, which gives importance to domestic production under the name of BLUEWİND, produces and imports products such as audio distribution amplifiers, press mixers, press distribution amplifiers, broadcast telephone hybrids, wired-wireless intercom systems, commentary box.