Ob-Van Solutions

Ob-van live broadcasting vehicle is specially designed according to the size of the work to be done. The number of cameras in the vehicle is the most important factor. We design and build the building from 8 cameras to 16 cameras. At first, vehicle drawings are made and presented to the customer for approval. In the construction of the vehicle, the vehicle is divided into 3 parts 1. Part production room 2. Sound room 3. Rack cabinet and energy room are designed to be built and completed.

System camera with ccu is definitely used in the vehicle. The cameras can be triax or hybrit fiber cameras according to customer preference. Video swicther, video matrix, multi viewer screens  broadcast video monitor, play out systems, cg systems, ingest recording systems, slowmotıon system, audio equipment, intercom system are briefly placed in the vehicle to record live broadcast or tape on a TV channel. Generally, an Up-link system is installed in the ob-van vehicle. Tools called SNG are used for up-link.

Sng tool can divide into two parts as ku band and ka band. Sending broadcast over a frequency determined via the satellite we call Ku band is the broadcasting tool we call broadcasting using satellite or existing internet. Mobile generator, ups, inverter and regie equipments are used in both Ku Band and Ka Band broadcasting vehicles. The biggest difference of ka band and ku band broadcast vehicle is that it is an up-link system in the kabat vehicle. Our company carries out either ob-van or ku band broadcasting vehicle-or ka band broadcasting vehicle projects.