Led Display & Videowall Solutions

The sale, installation and training of TV studios, decoration applications, outdoor advertising areas, shop showroom screens, stadium screens, LED screens used in conference and meeting halls, educational institutions, business and shopping centers, Videowall and LCD screens and projection devices are provided by our company. Led screens are in high resolution; It offers high quality solutions such as 0.9mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm.

It is generally used in TV studios in decoration applications. Since the thickness of the frame in Videowall panels is almost non-existent, it is used in both studio decor applications and media monitoring centers and multiviewer solutions.

We provide installation and training in processor devices for video inputs in order to facilitate the use in LED display and Videowall solutions to increase quality. 32 ”49” 55 ”65” screens on 24/7 industrial monitors smart board solutions, touch panels, pro series projection screen and devices and more at Polokom with 20 years of experience.