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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a member of Polokom?

You can visit our Online Sales store to become a member of Polokom. You can get the information you need from our online sales store and get support from us in choosing the most beneficial choice among the products. You can also perform member transactions from the link below.

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Are the products sold on Polokom guaranteed?

Yes. Every product sold at Polokom is guaranteed through its own distributor.

In which areas do you have Project Solutions?

We have Project Solutions such as TV and Radio Systems, Videowall and Led Systems, Professional Sound Systems, Professional Lighting Systems, Post Production and Ob-Van, Ka-Band. To get more detailed information about the projects, it is sufficient to reach us at or other communication tools.

Can I see the products closely and receive them myself?

Of course, you can make an appointment by informing us beforehand and visit our sales store.