Established in 2000

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With its sectoral experience, expert staff, wide range of products since 2000.

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About Polokom

With its sectoral experience, expert staff, wide range of products since 2000, Polokom has many domestic and international markets, including national, regional and local; It provides services in various fields including TV / Radio channel, Public institutions, University Communication Faculties, Media workshops, Post production companies.

Our company works closely to keep its personnel and equipment at the highest level in order to establish seamless, fast and safe systems for its solution partners by closely following the technological developments. Our system integration, which started as part of the solutions of conference, theater, concert and meeting halls within the scope of sound, light and vision systems, has expanded its range over time and we have structured our services that reach in many different areas.

Our featured services; Following our services such as turnkey TV infrastructure, Radio infrastructure, Media monitoring center, live broadcast vehicles, Image transfer projects, Hotel TV, IP TV, Hospital image recording and archive systems, Medical image and sound systems, Corporate web and social media broadcasting; Digital Signage projects and Videowall systems are also among our services.
Our business relations; We are proud to have simultaneous customer satisfaction with the international customer portfolio by operating in openness, honesty and integrity. Believing in the positive results of sharing our obligations, teamwork and positive approach; We stand by you with our customer-oriented services before, during and after sales.