SWİT S-2120CA Bi-Color LED Panel

◆ Small-sized, light-weighted, easy to carry
◆ Dimmable 10%-100%, flicker-free
◆ Touch-screen LCD controller and rotary knobs for dimming and color temperature adjustment
◆ 3200K: 2500Lux/m, 5600K: 2600Lux/m
◆ 50,000 hrs long life ultra bight LEDs
◆ Power by gold mount batteries or supplied AC adapter
S-2120CA is a portable and ultra light-weighted Bi-Color LED panel, which is composed of 512pcs of 3200k LEDs and 512 pcs of 5600k LEDs. It is easy to change the color temperature between 3200K and 5600K, so that you can use it both indoors and outdoors. You may also get a flicker-free luminance dimming from 10% to 100% in 1% steps.
S-2120CA features a touch-screen LCD controller which makes it easy and precise to read and adjust color temperature and luminance. There’re also large rotary knobs for dimming and color temperature adjustment.
The panel has a gold mount plate, as well as a 11-17V 4-pin XLR connection socket, so that you can power it with gold mount batteries, or with the supplied AC adapter.

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