SWİT S-2110DA Daylight LED Panel

◆ Small-sized, light-weighted, easy to carry
◆ Dimmable 10%-100%, flicker-free
◆ Touch-screen LCD controller and rotary knobs for dimming
◆ 3200lx @ 1 meter
◆ 50,000 hrs long life ultra bight LEDs
◆ Power by gold mount batteries or supplied AC adapter

S-2110DA is a portable and ultra light-weighted daylight LED panel, which is composed of 576 pcs of 5600k LEDs. You may get a flicker-free luminance dimming from 10% to 100% in 1% steps.
S-2110DA features a touch-screen LCD controller which makes it easy and precise to read and adjust luminance. There’s also a large rotary knob for dimming.
The panel has a Gold mount plate, as well as a 11-17V 4-pin XLR connection socket, so that you can power it with gold mount batteries, or with the supplied AC adapter.


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