SWİT S-2040 Chip Array LED on-camera light

◆ Chip Array LED
◆ 80W equivalent output
◆ Single shadow, glareless
◆ Cool touch
◆ 5000K color temperature
◆ 5600K and 3200K filter
◆ Color rendering index: 85
◆ 6-17V wide input voltage
◆ Interchangeable DV mount and battery
◆ Screw and cold shoe mount


S-2040 is a new generation on-camera light that adopts advanced single Chip Array LED, which outputs 80W equivalent light but has soft, glareless light, suitable for close interview. The color temperature is 5000K and can be switched to 5600K and 3200K by the color temperature filters.
About Chip Array LED:

                                      Chip Array LED                                                   S-2040

The Chip Array LED is a new LED technology which integrates the LEDs into a chip, with high brightness output but in smaller size, and the most remarkable, it offers a equally spread, soft, glareless light similar to the old Halogen bulb light.
The traditional LED array always generates several highlight pots on retina and people will feel glaring, even can’t recover sights after a few seconds. In comparison, the Chip Array LED light S-2040 has only one bulb in appearance, and adopts the reflective bowl to output a glareless light.
The traditional lens converged light has higher brightness in the center, but less effective lighting scale. See the following real beam effects: (Shooting and lighting distance: 3 meters; camera focal length: 27mm)


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