SWİT S-2010 On-camera LED Light

◆ 4 advanced LED
◆ 12W power consumption
◆ 5600K
◆ 3200K filter, diffuser, barn door
◆ Controllable dimmer
◆ Pole power connector
◆ Cold shoe and screw mount


S-2010 on-camera light has 4 advanced LEDs which can last in excess of 100,000 hours and requires no spare filament bulbs, offering the equivalent of a 40w output at 5600K color temperature with a low power consumption of only 12w with low heat radiation. The color temperature can be switched to 3200K by the filter and the dimmer enables you to adjust illuminance easily. 
S-2010 has a pole power connector, accepts power from SWIT S-7200 adaptor bracket or directly from DV battery S-8972 and S-8D62.




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